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Feb 2016

Episode 154 - Let’s Hangout with Friends

This week we host our first Hangout Show and invite some of our listeners on to talk about the show and give us their feedback.

PLUS: Crash Bandicoot might be returning, Rise of the Tomb Raider wins big, and Amazon gives away a Lumberyard. All this and more in this week's episode of Gamerhead Radio!

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Aug 2015

Episode 126 - Brian goes to #EVO2015

Brian Lesser joins Jon and Charlie to talk about his first experience at the Evolution Championship series

PLUS: Another option to get your own PIP-BOY, Developers get screwed by Ouya, and Nintendo wants to compete with Loot Crate.

ALSO: Stick around after the credits to get Jon and Brian's opinion of what they thought the ending of Arkham Knight means.

All this and more in this episode of Gamerhead Radio!

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Jun 2015

Episode 118 - E3 2015 Predictions With the GHR B-Squad!

In the first of our E3 2015 series of episodes, we pack the studio with members of the GHR B-Squad to talk about our predictions for E3 this year.

Your hosts are joined by Danny Mecler, Brian Lesser, Dan Hlotke, Ryan Ahn, and Michelle Worthley in this experiment in insanity!

Feb 2015

Episode 101 - The Wonderful 101

Goat and Charlie welcome back Brian Lesser to talk about gaming tournaments - what games are most popular, and what games we'd like to see. 

Plus: Minecraft is too violent for Turkey, Peter Molyneux talks to the press "for the last time", and Law & Order SVU tries to dedicate an episode to violence against women in video gaming. Do they succeed? Find out in the newest episode of Gamerhead Radio! 

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Dec 2014

Episode 89 LIVE - Settle It In Smash

For our third ever LIVE streamed episode, we invite Mat "Matches" Elfring, Brian "Thunder Underpants" Lesser, and Michelle "Mrs. Technetronicorn" Worthey in to the GHR studio to play some Super Smash Bros. for Wii U!

We also talk about early Vita owners getting a refund from Sony, EA finally being good at something, and take a look at how Microsoft's Holiday Sales approach paid off for them. All this and more in the newest episode of Gamerhead Radio!
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