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Dec 2014

Episode 93 - The Best of 2014

Charlie and special guest Big McIntosh round up the best clips from the last year of Gamerhead Radio. From dramatic fake letter readings to April Fools, from console wars to surprise free pizza, from magical vaginas to dick trains, and from the loss of a host to the addition of another, 2014 was a fantastic year for us, and we hope you enjoy this retrospective.

See you next year!
Nov 2014

Episode 87 - The Best of Viking Jesus

Gamerhead Radio proudly presents this look back on our favorite moments with Mike Niemietz, aka Viking Jesus, as a thank you for his time and contributions to the show.

Plus Charlie wonders about Metacritic, talks about the Loot Crate Amiibo promotion, and laments over the declining quality of games when they launch. All this and more in the newest episode of Gamerhead Radio!
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