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Feb 2017

Episode 200, Part 2 - Attack of the B Squad

Our 200th Episode celebation continues with visits from B Squad members Kyle Gaddo, Jenny Rychter, Michelle Worthley, and Dan Hlotke, and finally culminates in a little number we like to call "Nookie All-Star Kiss From a Rose" by G is for George-head. A magical evening, to be sure.

We don't know if or when we will return, but we hope you've enjoyed our adventures over the years. Thanks for listening!

"Nookie All-Star Kiss From a Rose" by G is for George-head Video Version:

Feb 2017

Episode 200, Part 1 - The Return of Viking Jesus

4 years later to the day, Gamerhead Radio returns to Cairo Ale House for their 200th and "final" show, and even welcome back founder Mike "Viking Jesus" Niemietz to send them off.

Expect a whole lot of sillyness as your hosts drink, joke, and reminisce about the last 4 years. All this and more in this episode of Gamerhead Radio!

Video Version:

Jan 2016

Episode 149 - Charlie Gear Solid: The Phantom Show

A shame the almost double meaning the title ended up having.

On this week's half-episode of Gamerhead Radio, your hosts are joined by Jenny "Captain Killjoy" Rychter to talk about what they're been playing recently, and also about a whole lot more that you'll never hear. Listen to find out why!

All this and nothing more in this week's episode of Gamerhead Radio!

The stories you don't get to hear us cover this week:
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