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Jun 2015

Episode 121 - An Arkham Knight of Drinking

Charlie went and got our guest hosts drunk! Danny Mecler from The Living Showcase and Joe Moeller from WhatTheGrok return to talk about Arkham Knight, and surprisingly small development studios.

PLUS: Apple makes some quick decisions regarding the confederate flag, Nintendo is courting developers for their Project NX console, and someone at Microsoft told Tim Schafer that some of you are dumb.

All this and more in this week's episode of Gamerhead Radio!

Ryan Ahn's fanart:


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Dec 2014

Episode 93 - The Best of 2014

Charlie and special guest Big McIntosh round up the best clips from the last year of Gamerhead Radio. From dramatic fake letter readings to April Fools, from console wars to surprise free pizza, from magical vaginas to dick trains, and from the loss of a host to the addition of another, 2014 was a fantastic year for us, and we hope you enjoy this retrospective.

See you next year!
Dec 2014

Episode 90 - Don’t Be An Asshole Fanboy

Adam McCrimmon and Joe Moeller from WhatTheGrok join Charlie to talk about fanboys/girls - What the term really means, who it should be applied to, how to talk to one, and how to deal with being one.

Plus: Ebay auctions, the winners of The Game Awards, and we say goodbye to an industry legend. All this and more in the newest episode of Gamerhead Radio!
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