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Feb 2017

Episode 200, Part 2 - Attack of the B Squad

Our 200th Episode celebation continues with visits from B Squad members Kyle Gaddo, Jenny Rychter, Michelle Worthley, and Dan Hlotke, and finally culminates in a little number we like to call "Nookie All-Star Kiss From a Rose" by G is for George-head. A magical evening, to be sure.

We don't know if or when we will return, but we hope you've enjoyed our adventures over the years. Thanks for listening!

"Nookie All-Star Kiss From a Rose" by G is for George-head Video Version:

Feb 2017

Episode 200, Part 1 - The Return of Viking Jesus

4 years later to the day, Gamerhead Radio returns to Cairo Ale House for their 200th and "final" show, and even welcome back founder Mike "Viking Jesus" Niemietz to send them off.

Expect a whole lot of sillyness as your hosts drink, joke, and reminisce about the last 4 years. All this and more in this episode of Gamerhead Radio!

Video Version:

Apr 2016

Episode 163 - Gamerhead Radio v3.0 Launch!

Welcome to the newest iteration of Gamerhead Radio! We are now recording the show live every week via Hangouts of Air on Sunday at 8pm CST, and you can watch live on our YouTube page and interact with us in the Hangout, or of course watch anytime as well. This week check out our first v3.0 broadcast and let us know what you think!

PLUS: Sony is shutting down a program you've probably never heard of, Pokemon lingerie is a thing (or apparently not, as it turns out), and Shovel Knight is confirmed to be an indie success. All this and more in this week's episode of Gamerhead Radio!

Dec 2015

Episode 144 - The One Where Things Don’t Go As Planned

On this week's episode, Jon's "Karnami" prevents him from attending the show, so he phones it in instead - which was something we probably should have tested first, since apparently audio sync is hard for some programs. Sorry about the quality, it literally took 4 days to get it to sound as "good" as it does. But, we do still manage to talk all about the news and winners from The Game Awards and The PlayStation Experience.

PLUS: Game development is hard, the Wii U sold a crap ton of units on Black Friday, and Konami proves once again that they are run by a bag of dicks. And as a bonus, Michelle joins for a few minutes to talk about Moschino's Mario "fashion" line. All this and more in our newest episode of Gamerhead Radio!
Nov 2015

Episode 139 - The Great Tabletop Experiment

This week, your hosts are joined by Michelle and attempt to figure out the tabletop game Bioshock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia. It doesn't really go well.

PLUS: Nintendo thinks mobile games are going to make them more money than the Wii, Sony doesn't know how to database, and the PC version of Arkham Knight is a disaster for the second time. All this and more in this week's episode of Gamerhead Radio!
Story Links:
Aug 2015

Episode 128 - Games Couples Play With Goat

In one of our craziest episodes ever, Goat returns and Jon and Charlie bring their better halves Meghan and Michelle in to talk about some of the best and worst games to play as a couple, and in the process our hosts learn far more than they bargained for from our guests.

PLUS: Guillermo Del Toro doesn't want to try to make another game, Konami employees are miserable, Nintendo fires an employee for appearing on a podcast, and a new gaming controller looks like...something else.

All this and more in the newest episode of Gamerhead Radio!

View and comment on our show notes at!
Jun 2015

Episode 118 - E3 2015 Predictions With the GHR B-Squad!

In the first of our E3 2015 series of episodes, we pack the studio with members of the GHR B-Squad to talk about our predictions for E3 this year.

Your hosts are joined by Danny Mecler, Brian Lesser, Dan Hlotke, Ryan Ahn, and Michelle Worthley in this experiment in insanity!

Feb 2015

Episode 99 - Club Gamerhead

Michelle returns to help Jon and Charlie to invent the perfect loyalty program for video game companies. Plus the Ouya gets a new home, people at Joystiq and Sega are losing their jobs, and we also talk about the perfect Super Bowl Halftime Show. All this and more in the newest episode of Gamerhead Radio!

Read our show notes at:
Here's the Ohio State Marching Band video Charlie mentions in the show:
Dec 2014

Episode 93 - The Best of 2014

Charlie and special guest Big McIntosh round up the best clips from the last year of Gamerhead Radio. From dramatic fake letter readings to April Fools, from console wars to surprise free pizza, from magical vaginas to dick trains, and from the loss of a host to the addition of another, 2014 was a fantastic year for us, and we hope you enjoy this retrospective.

See you next year!
Dec 2014

Episode 89 LIVE - Settle It In Smash

For our third ever LIVE streamed episode, we invite Mat "Matches" Elfring, Brian "Thunder Underpants" Lesser, and Michelle "Mrs. Technetronicorn" Worthey in to the GHR studio to play some Super Smash Bros. for Wii U!

We also talk about early Vita owners getting a refund from Sony, EA finally being good at something, and take a look at how Microsoft's Holiday Sales approach paid off for them. All this and more in the newest episode of Gamerhead Radio!
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