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Aug 2016

Episode 180 - Games That Make You Go #GodDammitGoat

On this week's episode we bring resident Batman obsessor expert Nick "Mr. Agitator" Santiago on to discuss the first episode of Batman: The Telltale Series

PLUS: Every episode of Nintendo Power is now available online, Powers loses it's power, and more Pokemon: GO drama! All this and more in this weeks' episode of Gamerhead Radio!

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Dec 2015

Episode 146 - Con+Alt+Delete 2015 and Our Year-End Wrapup

For our last regular episode of the year, we bring you an extra large helping of Gamerhead for the holidays! Join your hosts as they discuss and explore Con+Alt+Delete 2015, and also review your favorite games from 2015 and most anticipated games to come in 2016.

PLUS: Hello Kitty gets hacked, Coleco is back, and Hideo Kojima gives us all what we wanted and announces that he's opening his own gaming studio. All this and more in 2015's extra large last helping of Gamerhead Radio!

Dec 2015

Episode 143 - Found: One Brony, Two Villains

This week we go from 2 hosts up to 5! Charlie returns from Ponyville Ciderfest and brings Nick "Mr. Agitator" Santiago and Analise "Vex" Rahn - also known as the rest of V is for Villains - with him to talk about their travels and the top stories of the week!

PLUS: Will original Xbox Games come to the XBOX One? Will you be able to play Playstation games remotely on computers? Will Nick EVER 100% Metal Gear Solid 5? And most importantly - Will Americans get to experience the cutting edge boob physics of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3; and SHOULD they?

All this and more in this week's episode of Gamerhead Radio!

This Week's Stories:
Jul 2015

Episode 123 - Mr. Agitator Wants His Damn Batcave

It's a double dose of Villains this week as Charlie and Jon invite Mr. Agitator (Nick Santiago) himself back to the show to talk about the inexcusable lack of batcave in Arkham Knight, how much Sonic sucks, and to talk about movies, books and TV shows that haven't been made into video games but should be.

PLUS: More evidence that Kojima Productions is no more, Lizard Squad is back in the news, and Nintendo loses a leader. All this and more in this episode of Gamerhead Radio!

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Dec 2014

Episode 93 - The Best of 2014

Charlie and special guest Big McIntosh round up the best clips from the last year of Gamerhead Radio. From dramatic fake letter readings to April Fools, from console wars to surprise free pizza, from magical vaginas to dick trains, and from the loss of a host to the addition of another, 2014 was a fantastic year for us, and we hope you enjoy this retrospective.

See you next year!
Dec 2014

Episode 92 - Villains + Minecraft + Xmas = Chaos

In our last recorded episode of 2014, Gamerhead Radio is invaded by V is for Villains! Fresh out of Con+Alt+Delete, Mr. Agitator (Nick Santiago), Fallon Flynn (Jon Santiago), and Vex (Analise Rahn) join to celebrate Goat's triumphant return from the road and talk about what they do... and don't... want for Christmas.

Plus: botched Assassin's Creed Unity patches, suing over false advertising, Minecraft Story Mode, and Songbird's email breaks everyone in the studio into hysterical laughter.
All this and more plus a very special announcement at the end of the show in this extra-long holiday episode of Gamerhead Radio!
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