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Dec 2015

Episode 144 - The One Where Things Don’t Go As Planned

December 12, 2015

On this week's episode, Jon's "Karnami" prevents him from attending the show, so he phones it in instead - which was something we probably should have tested first, since apparently audio sync is hard for some programs. Sorry about the quality, it literally took 4 days to get it to sound as "good" as it does. But, we do still manage to talk all about the news and winners from The Game Awards and The PlayStation Experience.

PLUS: Game development is hard, the Wii U sold a crap ton of units on Black Friday, and Konami proves once again that they are run by a bag of dicks. And as a bonus, Michelle joins for a few minutes to talk about Moschino's Mario "fashion" line. All this and more in our newest episode of Gamerhead Radio!